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Mar 29, 2006

so anyway this SPRING has been pretty cold. . . MIGHTY COLD..... i had HAIL FALLING down on moy house and I would not have known it unless my cfirenmds from USD were sleeping over at my house!!!! haha i was like that pretty loud rain!!!..they fgo: IT's HAIL!!!!
me: No WAY!!!!!
 AND I looked and low behold theres ICE on my YARD...kewl yo (hey Im from GUAM! i can be easily amused)

AND THEN I WA DRIVINg 8 EASTBOUND and look what i saw!! SNOWCAPPED mountains!!!! so kewl!!!!!!!!!
its weird and then wehn i was driving away from it headind eastbouand..its weird...cause the mountiains are in my rear view mirror and here I am driving towards the BEACHES!!!
KENNy "said" that he was downtown and he could see it... so the juxopostition must have been crazy..with the beach right there and the snow ont he other side
so u see it? do u see it?

Posted at 12:03 pm by hazelnut
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Mar 28, 2006
kamikaze girls

So i jsut watched KAMIKAZE GIRLS.. because it jsut poemiered in SAN DIEGO..and i loved it!! haha
momoko is so cute..... she's so funny 
the best way i could describe her..is a japanese AMELIE..... she had strange parents... and then she grows up all cute and stuff lol
and she ahted P.E. at school! lol Just like me!!lol
most importantly she finds the value in the friendship between her and her best firend :)

i wanted to win a prize :( but didnt because i was late)
Im with the producers or organizers fo the event :P


here is the ad from MYSPACE:P

MYSPACE also has the TRailer in english......

which i want to put on my myspace....hehehehe

anyway the movie is out and u can get it at BESTBUY....

me wantsie one!!!!

Posted at 12:04 am by hazelnut
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Mar 27, 2006
mexico spring break

whats every college girl suppose to do during spring break ?  go mexico!! DUH!!!! thats what i learned form watching MTV back on guam..and its kinda kewl knowing that im doing what a stereotypical college girl is supped to be doing...

anyway i was wearing ZORIS that did not match! ONE was BrWOn and the other was BLACK! and i didnt notice till the next morning!
(good thing because if i had noticed before dancing (like in the car) i think it would have made me feel self concious and then unncessarily point it out to people).... but i think no one noticed hahah! my jeans cover most of my foot anyway!!! HAHAHAH how in the world do i go thorugh a whole night whitout noticeing my shoes do NOT match!!!

oh waitits like holly!!! she would go to school with her left shoe on her right foor and her left shoe on her right foot...

clearly insanity is in the blood...and can definietly be passed on! haha ....

nelly had the ULTIMATE spring break experince lol..... i should stop saying more.... idk it involved... uh... handcuffs :) lol and a vow to never drink again! (poor her she just got over the last time she had vow. she hasnt really drunk since high school...when she got super drunk ay my senior year birthday party....and then now  she has to make her vow again...poor nelly)

HAHA this me me and my firend CHRISTINE form USD.......haha
check out all the guys int he back lol...

Posted at 01:29 am by hazelnut
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Mar 26, 2006
playing piano

HAHA i din't notice i was playing the paino till MIDNIGHt!! my roomates must hate me and my neighbors too!!  i hope i get better. i was inspired by a visit from my cousin AJ and today i spent probably like 2 hrs playing the piano. eehhh..
(well that's what i bought the piano for........ right??...to play??)
yeah sometimes i play on the AB BALL!!! two in one.... a work out and a practice for piano!!

Posted at 02:02 am by hazelnut
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Mar 25, 2006
lessons of 2005


-that no matter how far I live away form KEvin, we still like to see each other as much
-that you really can't trust people
-that my sanity is far more important than anything else
-that I should not work, because I can't time manage
-that I should only buy things I really like
-that i should stop saying, "if she can so it than i can" becuase i am my own person
-that is hould stop buying things not my size
-that i hate driving

Posted at 01:06 am by hazelnut
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Mar 21, 2006
This is kewl....

Gee..id love to work here!!! its suck a kewl place..

hmmm...if only id let meself think freely...its so kewl.... it look slike a fun a place to work... designign toys....and stufff....there's one in paola alto and SF! nothing down here..we suck!!

how kewl is it work in  place thatmakes kewl stuff like this!!

they had to make DILBERT"S DREAM OFFICE!!!

Posted at 10:08 am by hazelnut
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Mar 20, 2006
my spring break

so i had a pretty fu spring break (hah aim fun)
On Mon. Nelly and I went to Moun High alone!
On Tues I went to Mount HIgh with Kevin, Jeff, mark, Ann Ann, Abe, kenny, Jo, and other people...lol

That night I drove to San Jose to visit my sisters... I miss them.... i had to do al the driving because my poor baby KEvin was sick.....
 I stayed at Mimi's place witll friday morning...where I got to watch Joshie for a whole day. Kev and I took him out to a waffle house...and it was like we had our own baby..haha.. a very spoilned one! because his backback had three gamboys, and a potable sony dvd player....... lol ..the waitress lol...was surprised...

I made it back to San Diego and kevin did all the driving this time. I took a nyquil before the trip so i slept through most of the tri[p!! haha he said i cheated! lol!

San Diego...ther was my roomate, Nellida's 25th birthday!!1.... i made red rice... but they prepared other stuff like bbq rid, pasta, and pootoo.....yummy meall...

i woke on saturday morning and i gargled tequila to help my sore throat! lok dont try it! i ended it gaging in the middle of it! lol

then i worked at PETCO park to be a security gaurd for Elit SHow services! hehe yeah i was a security gaurd and stuff... it was fun! stadnign there with my legs shoulder width apart and my arms cross...oh yeah..i got the party..u cant come in the VIP party without me saying yes...

then i had to run in my car go home!!! and get ready for hte big PARTY!!! the how sweet it is partY!!!! hhe i was a kitty kat..!!!! yay!! kevin drove and when i got to he line i fellt like elle woods in legalyl blonde... when she was th eonly one in a bunny costume..but then everyone toldme i was pretty... and everyone wanted pictures with me! heheheheh.... so of course i loved what i wearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jsut to tell u i pressed those excalmation marks on a beat)....(again...)1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.... yup i had a lot of fun! my pictures are posted on a private webpage! hahaha

Posted at 05:36 pm by hazelnut
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hanging out with models

so my dream last night was that i was nagnign out wiht models.. i remember i lived in a really nicve house. and i rememebr thre was a party we ahd to go to. and we had to dress nice. all of my new model firends were going to wear nice new brand name stuff l ike gucci and ferrogamo... but i knew i couldnt afford it so i had to think of what i was going to wear from my closet, but i wasnt that worried..i figured.. i could put osmething together..like some enzo angiolino shoes or a bcbg dress..haha in my freams i was imagining dressed id idnt own yet though..

my house had a suberine attached to it..so u go undergorund..and then u go in it! and it was advcenure...the water is usppsoe tog et int..and then ud have to get out of submarine urself... i think tyra was in.... always in charge and shed crach up everytime someone would g tin nfor the first itme because it was kinda unexpected u know...

i remember my teeth falling out and i was able to force them come out using floss..

then i also reemebr helping myracle finding a homecoming dress becuase she was going to be part of the royal court. we went shopping everywhere!!1 and i tried to help her find spomething pretty...hehe my mom was there her mom was there... she ended up with a red dress that i think she picked...

Posted at 05:30 pm by hazelnut
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Mar 18, 2006
so sick

so sick (like that song by neyo)..anyway...im sick from kevin! err duh! i would get it. soi have this bad sore throaught and i decided to gargle some tequila and hahaha it didnt work..i ended up gagiong in the middle of the process... hahah this was the first thing i did in th emroning..so i smell like tequila(like tila te quila) now im sipping on tomoto soup from campbells and i love it... its really good...yummy and its making my thourght feel better every time i swallow...today is "how sweet it is " (finally) and im trying to not get to excisted because when people get excited they just end up all san when things dont up their way.... hahah im excited (err no im not)

Posted at 08:18 am by hazelnut
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Mar 16, 2006
snowboarding(in mai dream n in real life)

so just a few hours ago i had a dream that we went snowboariding and we were  taking jetplanes up to get to the top of moauntains..... i remember at one poinrt we had to drive the plane ourselves..or kevin was and i kept telling him to make in fly higher because it was too close  the the rocks and everyhting in the mountain ....

so this dream was sparked by my new love for snowboarding and me watching a documentary on the AIRBUS..... yup that is some crazze salon that i will never fly in just because it is so damn expensive...hahah..... i still need to try riding in first class before i d=even dream about going on that plane...

(i jsut rmemebered i joined a costume contest in my kitty kat costume. i love my kitty kat costume because it resembles a sexy hello kitty... pink and white...not ascary black.... the contest was in an auditorium)

anyway i love snowboaring..i've been like 6 times already inclusing one trip of just nelly and I. we told ourselves we were porbabyl the only two asian girly-girls there alone. it was fun though! it was the best snow ever and the it[ was very relazxing despite being painful, because there was no gorup trying to make consensus decisions.

On tuesday i went back and i finally got te hang of things. kevin is already better than me even though it was onlyhis second time, and it was like my sizth time. i ike using small boards... a 140 to be exact. and i jsut figured out my stanct...i am a regular! it was the first itme i got to go down as regular because ive been going down goofy and ir ealized somsething felt unnatural about it........ oh yes btut now i know i am a regular and learning has beencome better for me. i was also well prepared..... with my BUTT PADS, WRISTGAURDS, KNEEPADS, and  a new pair of goggles which i fould on mocha blue's blog (link on mimi's blog), and ive had my clothes for wahile... all i need is my board and boots..which i plan on looking for in japan this summer...hahahehehe...

and here i am in san jose with my sisters.... i fing it a very relazing trip because i jsut wanted to see my family and that's what I am doing. I am happy that Kevin came... too...he was so sick on the trip up that I had to drive all the way up!! that like sucked!!!!! but he was hallucinating, he could not breath, caughing, had chills, and a very high fever...but he is alive now and that all that matters :)

Posted at 06:27 pm by hazelnut
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